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Why Should You Choose An In-Home Newborn Session?

For photographers, January is super duper quiet (and I mean silent!) so I've been doing some model calls to expand my portfolio and keep the creative juices flowing. I really wanted to book some in-home newborn shoots to bulk up my portfolio and I had three lovely ladies come forward.

So, WHY choose in-home newborn sessions?

1) If you're a bit lazy like me, you don't even have to leave the house!

Who needs the added stress of having to pack 746 things into your brand new nappy bag? And if this isn't your first baby you would have to bundle your whole brood into the car PLUS deal with the inevitable awkwardly timed poos and pukes that newborns like to throw at us. If the idea of leaving the house isn't something you want to tackle yet, an in-home session can be perfect!

2) "So you're going to bring all the props and backdrops and lighting with you right?"

Nope! My in-home sessions use your beautiful home as the backdrop, making them personal and unique to you and your family. The majority of the time I use natural light (but don't worry, I do have other lighting options if the sun isn't playing ball) and for props we can use your baby's things if you wish or keep it simple and minimal. I have been known to whip out my letter board on occasion so let me know if you'd like this to be a part of your session!

If studio images with props and backdrops are your jam I can recommend some amazing local photographers who would be perfect.

3) Do you even really need a newborn photoshoot?

I didn't have a newborn session at all for either of my kids. And now that they are 5 and 2 I regret it completely! Being a photographer, I foolishly thought I'd just take them myself, which is all well and good but I never factored in that I would be exhausted and the last thing on my mind would be photographing my little monkeys. You've probably heard the phrase "enjoy it because it doesn't last forever" a million times in some form or another, and I'll tell you right now - It. Is. True!

Photo sessions aren't for everyone, but if you think it might be for you then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

I hope that's answered a few of your initial questions, let me know if you have any other queries and I'll help as best as I can! My newborn in-home session portfolio can be found on my website and pricing information can be found on my Pricelist page under "Snowdrop Session."

And a massive thank you to Rupert & Isobel (and their mummy's and daddy's) for helping me with my model calls over the past few weeks.

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